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HOPE is a premiere center of excellence focused on forensic mental health care.

HOPE Program

HOPE emphasizes a culture of compassion, empathy, and integrity geared toward improving our clients' lives and promoting public safety. We inspire greatness in our clinicians as effective agents of change who demonstrate warmth, reliability, and drive in implementing best practice approaches.

At HOPE, clinicians develop and refine their skills under the mentorship of content experts. HOPE’s position as a center of excellence ensures continued contributions to the evolving landscape of best practice literature.

HOPE is a stable and prosperous company that offers inspiring and rewarding growth opportunities and an exciting career trajectory that is both financially and professionally fulfilling. We continue to expand and grow, providing diverse opportunities for motivated individuals aligned with our company values. Our processes are clear and consistent
ensuring that we meet our deliverables and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

HOPE Core Focus:

Forensic Mental Health Treatment


  • Passionate about creating better lives

  • Committed to victim prevention

  • Approachable and warm

  • Collaborative, respectful, motivated, and driven

  • Acting with integrity

  • Compassionate, conscientious, and thoughtful

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