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Clinical Supervisor

Job Overview

In this role, you will lead and maintain the overall clinical services and operational integrity of
the site. The primary role is to provide leadership, coordination, and supervision to
a multidisciplinary team(s) and/or program(s) to align with the growth of the HOPE Program.


This is a full-time position.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Maintain clinical a caseload for assigned individual/groups
● Clinical assessment and treatment of sex offenders
● Clinical assessment and treatment of non-offending relatives
● To participate in agency clinical meetings, team meetings, and staff meetings as well as
participate in in-service training.
● Providing individualized and group supervision for unlicensed and licensed staff.
● Maintain accurate and timely files and participates in monthly consultation meetings with
Clinical Directors and Senior Leadership
● Act as an ongoing resource to the treatment team by communicating current research and
● Work with Clinical Director to grow program and address challenges
● Conduct annual evaluations of team members
● Provide community education and training on sex offender dynamics and treatment
● To provide clinical supervision for clinicians providing direct client services
● Facilitate individual supervision meetings and team meetings
● Case management
● To maintain program documentation as required
● To represent the agency as needed in the community (i.e. serving on committees, making
presentations on our programs, etc)
● Ongoing communication with referral sources
● Be CASOMB Independent Level and provide supervision to CASOMB Apprentice and
Associate level
● Provide supervision to Practicum Students, Board of Psychology or Board of Behavioral
Science registered supervisees
● Provide court testimony
● Provide additional duties, as assigned



● A minimum of a Master’s Degree in Psychology or related field with 2-year licensure in State
of CA or Doctoral Degree in Psychology or related field with 1-year licensure in the State of CA
● A minimum of 8 years experience working with Sex Offenders, Forensic Mental Health or
related field
● A minimum of 5 years experience in management, supervisor, or similar role
● Licensed with Board of Psychology or Board of Behavioral Science

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